Daily Unicorn

In this series we highlight “unicorn” market events and the ways that Signum helps you capitalize upon them. While such events might be rare for a given asset, in aggregate they represent a daily stream of alpha opportunity.

Shine a Light on Hidden Movements of Natural Investors

Track the buying and selling of large volumes of shares by institutional traders using reserve orders (aka "icebergs") in real-time. Icebergs can deftly move big volumes with minimum price impact.

Andy Lee

Director of Quantitative Research

Jun 10

PG&E’s Plummeting Shares Foreshadowed by Reserve Order Sellers

Exegy’s Liquidity Lamp detects and tracks reserve orders (aka “iceberg”) executions and publishes the daily top 10 symbols by reserve order volume on our exegy-signum.com website.

Andy Lee

Director of Quantitative Research

Oct 20

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