Price prediction power

Know if the next price will be better or worse – on every tick. Quote Vector delivers this prescient power in microseconds. Yes, the game has officially changed.

Achieve over $2 Billion in annual price improvements

Signum's accurate predictions of next quote price direction - Quote Vector - and the time until the next quote price change - Quote Fuse - allows execution algorithms to consistently reap handsome returns. How handsome? Millions of dollars per day and over two billion dollars per year are achievable in the US equities market. Read our whitepapers to learn more.

Daily Net Price Improvement for US Equities

The chart below reports the daily net price improvement that is achievable with a simple strategy that leverages Quote Vector. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

Net Price Improvement for US Equities
  • Theoretical Net Gains (at 50% Threshold)

Stop Reacting – Start Predicting

Move beyond the latency drag race. Revolutionize your market making and algo trading strategies with real-time predictions of price direction. Capture the right trading opportunities before the fastest reactors. With Signum, you will have already been there.


Grab a bigger slice of the spread

Tighten your market making quotes and improve your queue position. Signum's Quote Vector signal provides accurate predictions of the direction of the next quote price movement with every market data tick.


Transform slippage risk into price improvement opportunity

Reliably take the best price now or a better price in microseconds. Combine Quote Vector swith Quote Fuse – accurate predictions of when the next quote price movement will occur – and you trade with a complete prediction of quote price dynamics.

Can you really afford not to try it?

Ready to see how good predictive trading can be? Register to access free Quote Vector sample data and whitepapers.

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